2019 BMW i3 Review and Specs

Saturday, May 27th 2017. | BMW

2019 bmw i3 94 ah, msrp, 60 ah, range, review, lease , price, rex , bev,For a long time, actually became a reality, the electric cars of the future, so some car manufacturers, some of which I never expected the mass production of electric cars began, and one of them is the BMW. 2019 The BMW i3 is the successor model 2018, which has passed all the tests and also proved a car exceptional and respectable city. From the same concept BMW E1 1991 at present presented, however, it has never been any kind of manufacture. Non-traditional perspectives, special door style and stop system made the challenge for more other hybrid cars plug-in. It is created with four meters as a pure electric drive hatchback.

2019 BMW i3 Interior and Exterior

You really have nothing less than creating a new complete list of all types of hybrid cars and even the smallest of these is i3. Was introduced, throughout 2014 led to the 2016 model being certainly doubled. 2019 The BMW i3 included in a multimedia system according to BMW screen, in the radio, on the control panel, the layout of the iDrive multifunction steering wheel and so on. The grid is used to split front fascia. The popular front apron and hood are also used to provide modern shape. A clear indication of the location of the other screen multimedia systems BMW, control panel and multifunctional design radio or iDrive.

In any case, the stunning design will surely turn heads wherever you go. The input layout is phenomenal, it is necessary to open the front doors to open with rear hinges. Modern line with a selection of displays for infotainment swimming and also determined. 2019 BMW i3 is a friendly metropolitan device, fashion and small. The seats are trained with a high part and also has a large glass place to ensure that it is fairly easy for the driver to watch forward and to the side. The BMW i3 2019 are another alternative, but as mentioned at the time, nothing more will certainly be changed.2019 bmw i3 changes , configurations ,specs , interior , horsepower , rex range , colors ,

2019 BMW i3 Engine Specs

2019 BMW i3 Beside tricks, they are all parts of the interior space is consistently designed, at least a bit peculiar. There are two levels of order, which are called Range Extender and Base. The proportion of the body for this car is very good, with a size around 3999mm, which is included with short overhangs and also the height is about 1578mm. Based on the drive train, one of these two equipment variants is used. These two grades have traditional finishing attributes finishing; However, the variation depends on a broad spectrum. Finally, slowly reduced the performance of the electric motor, the maximum speed of 8000 rpm is still about 105 kW. That is why i3 makes a single unit forward. Powered by an electric motor 170 hp and also battery of 18.8 kWh lithium ions. There is so standard model, and there is also one with Range Extender, which has a small two-cylinder engine of 647 cc, which feeds only a 34 horsepower generator, which in turn recharges the battery.

The car body structure for this car is relatively advanced, made of lightweight aluminum and carbon. On the other hand, the range extender features a range of 150 miles. Therefore, it is reasonable to create a lighter weight, is about 1185 kg, and also to the battery 230 kg.2019 bmw i3 dimensions , battery , sunroof , mpg , rex review, 0 60 , manual , base ,

2019 BMW i3 Release Date and Price

2019 BMW i3 will be readily available in the market in the mid-year 2018. It is expected that the i3 will capture in the market for its unique features and remarkable appearance. The model based on this automobile is rounded to EUR 35,000 to EUR 33,000. It is rated at approximately 117 mpg EPA, and also the numbers fall to 39 mpg range when the extender is connected.

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