2019 Ford S-MAX Rumors

Saturday, June 10th 2017. | Ford

2019 Ford S-MAX Rumors, Concept, Specs, Release Date, Engine, Features, Changes, Redesign,Ford found that S-MAX Vignale received a variation in production, possibly even 2019 years. It was a real race when discussing new cars that describe the redesign concept and another premium version. This model fits perfectly into the universal car part and is the concept of high style that shows the hexagonal front grille, engine and unique exterior color scheme called Giorgio Milano. In addition to the S-MAX Vignale in Palazzo Reale in Milan is exposed, the introduction Ford is his vision for the experience of Vignale customers this week at the Salone del Mobile, the leading trade fair in the world of furniture design. The Ford stands layout on the Salone del Mobile is a look at the retail experience “Vignale Lounge”, which will certainly be presented in selected Ford dealers across Europe.

2019 Ford S-MAX Concept and Specs

The radiator grille design that forces the business for all new models to Ford cars, a minimum front, resemble each other a lot. The S-MAX concept is distinguished by elegantly curved lines, uniform percent and windshield visibly bent, following a stunning glass roof covering. The rear door glass surface also has a large surface area and increases the presence of a much better presence and the roof line ends with the last spoiler. The cabin is equipped with 5 separate and comfortable seats that can be folded between the back line providing great usable surface between the two other outer benches.

Compared to previous models, the cabin is very spacious and all thanks to the use of a thinner seat. The seats in the second row have a docking station for the tablet. The interior of the concept actually held a premium procedure, which is identified by the use of high-quality leather tools both in the control center and in other internal components, such as the control panel, the door panel and the installation console. The seats are cushioned in a high quality leather skin to provide a touch of goodness.

2019 Ford S-Max Vignale compared to the typical S-Max, better leather seats and much more comfortable and a new console systems, and the interior offers a wide selection of wood and high quality aluminum. The design changes are much smaller and are connected to the new grille, 21-inch wheels and a few new tags “Vignale”. The chief designer Stefan Lamm says that the inspiration for the mode is precisely in the city of Milan and the S-Max offers something unique exactly what conventional buyer Ford had no opportunity to see but so far one of the Titan versions used more elegant.

2019 Ford S-MAX Release Date

The 2019 Ford S-Max Vignale is still a concept that debuts manufacturing design without major changes at the end of the year, while manufacturing and sales need to start the following year. Ford continues to offer Vignale models, while some ads should be a model edge.

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