2019 Chevy Traverse Specs and Review

Friday, May 26th 2017. | Chevrolet

In this case, we make a popular American car, of course, the Chevy traverse 2019. Since the traverse get comparable to some GM projects and sales of this model fantastic, there is no factor that the model for 2019 Godon is not in the market , Of course, in the new version, the new tools, electric motors and redesign are expected to be marginal, with the aim of being satisfied by trailers and potential customers. Will, believe me. Excellent vehicle, currently a lot of attention. This model, which uses the lambda system of the stock company at the GMC Acadia, with several other projects, such as the Buick Territory.

2019 Chevy Traverse Interior and Exterior

It is expected that these changes will improve improvements in efficiency. In addition, the body style of the car is certainly also enhanced by giving it a more desirable appearance. The new Chevrolet Traverse 2019 results from the critical Chevy model, the Sport Trail coat, however, unlike the sports trail coat, it will use the new Scalable Chi or C1XX system.

Among the various improvements usually caused the engine compartment to see significant improvements. The new system will surely also provide more comfort inside. New model will include three seat rows and certainly not missing when it comes to rear passengers. It will surely be a minimalist and sophisticated look. There are rumors that there are certainly two colors in the interior architecture that will keep using this marginal appearance. Because of the reality of 2010, production was transferred to the Delta Township Settinging plant in Lansing, Michigan. When it comes to a technical aspect, some attributes, including the joy system and the screen feature, will surely provide a better viable way to create, improve. In addition, the LED light and taillights can also create a new layout.

2019 Chevy Traverse Engine Specs

The 2019 traverse are expected to continue in the future with the new automatic transmission 9 speed GM. Keep an eye on a new layout of the front facade as well as a lattice slightly modified. The Chevy Traverse 2019 will definitely be supplied by a DEHC V6 3.6 liter unit with direct decent shot and VVT. AT A 9-speed forces the leader or all wheels. The improvements here are clearly expected to improve the financial system of fuel.

This engine produces a result of 281 HP in solitary escape version along with 266 lb of torque. The improvements here are clearly expected to improve the financial system performance. While for the LTZ model with double exhaust produces 288 hp with a maximum torque of 270 pounds. The new model will certainly present three seat rows, and will surely not have space if you need to do with rear passengers. Both orders will be equipped with a 6-speed AT to provide power supplies at the front or all wheels and also thanks to this change. The variation of the LTZ model of dual exhaust uses the engine to generate 288 horsepower and 270 pounds of torque foot.

2019 Chevy Traverse Release Date and Price

2019 Chevy Traverse is certainly based on this system and will certainly have a distance between the longest axis. Certainly there will be significant changes to the layout but certainly still give a sufficient appearance.

The traverse LS entry level will certainly cost over $ 35,000 while most equipped 1LT and 2LT will also be available for $ 36,000 and also $ 38,500 specifically. It is expected that the model will be in mid 2016. The top model of the readily available, fully-equipped traverse LTZ will certainly increase at $ 44,000 substantially. According to a lot of data, this is a much sought after car that meets the requirements of a wide range of customers in the US market, as well as significantly on the European market.

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