2019 Ford Fusion Sport Redesign

Saturday, April 1st 2017. | Ford

When the first car makers were conceiving ,the concept, they thought that cars or vehicles will just facilitate mobility of people and goods. As the technology advanced, cars were no longer built to solve that case only. They are made to have a class and offer comfort to the user. Cars are also tools of social stratification that is there is are models for the richest and models for the rest. One of the most advanced car model is the 2019 Ford Fusion. Below is an insight why it is the leader.

2019 Ford Fusion Concept

It is a custom that all new released car models come with trims. 2019 Ford Fusion has its own trims too. There are three trims available; the S, SE and TITANIUM. Each trim level has its own features. The S trim has the following. First and foremost has 16 inches silver aluminum wheels. These wheels are elegant and can be noticed from far. Secondly it has front-wheel drive and fog lights. It has driveline traction control and ABS which prevents it from skidding. The base engine of this trim is a 2.5-liter. Other notable features include; front air conditioning, six speed transmission system and remote keyless entry. This trim is available in front wheel drive only. The manufacture recommended price for this trim is $23,000.

2019 Ford Fusion Review

The SE trim has both the front wheel drive and the all-wheel drive. The feature of front wheel drive adds or replaces those of the S trim and the following. The passenger and driver seats are heated. Its wheels are 17 inches painted aluminum ones. It has a navigation system that is activated by voice. The all wheel SE trim differs with the front drive in the fact that its wheels are 18 inches. It also differs in base engine size because it has a size of 2.0 litres. The price of front drive SE is $ 25,000 and that of all-wheel is $28,000.

The Titanium trim also has the front drive and all-wheel drive units. Ford Fusion the front wheel drive has the features of the above trims only that the driver and passenger seats can be cooled and the wheels are aluminum polished not painted. The all-wheel drive is not different from the titanium front drive apart from the fact that it drives on all wheels.

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