2019 Mercedes C-Class is the perfect car model

Tuesday, March 28th 2017. | Mercedes Benz

Designed to give the car enthusiasts the ultimate driving experience, the 2019 Mercedes C-Class is the perfect car model for one to have. It has been created with an alluring exterior that will give you the much desired attention. It comes with a powerful engine power and fancy interiors that will enhance your comfort. When it comes to class and elegance 2019 Mercedes C-Classz automobile company knows how to deliver and they have not disappointed with this magnificent design.

2019 Mercedes C-Class Exterior and Interior

2019 Mercedes C-Class one thing that you will notice is the coupe design. Yes, the new model comes with a coupe like design and that means that you will enjoy a sport like driving experience. The new model has been created with light alloy construction and carve corner. With the new features, you will be able to customize the car to suit your specific design. It also has a sport suspension design. The new model comes with 18 inch alloy wheels. The wheel gives the car that amazing stability while driving. The grills fitted on the car aid in the cooling of the engine. 2019 Mercedes C-Class the car also has LED lights that beautify the car.

2019 Mercedes C-Class the car comes with tantalizing interiors that will give you the much desired comfort. The interiors of this model are the epitome of class and elegance. The driver will be able to enjoy the sporty features that have been added to this model. It comes with a magnificent piano lacquer and carbon features. The car comes with a keyless start. 2017 Mercedes C-Class this means that it has a command display that will make it easy for you to operate the car. There is a touch pad located on the hand rest that will allow you to operate the car with hand gestures- just like you would a smartphone. 2019 Mercedes C-Class the car has great and magnetic surfaces and colors that create a peaceful ambience. It comes fitted with intelligent driving systems like the collision prevention system.

2019 Mercedes C-Class Engine

The car has a powerful engine that can be petrol or diesel. Both of the engine types come with a ECO function that give the car the powerful performance. It is a four cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.2 liters. 2019 Mercedes C-Class the engine can produce up to 150 kW/170 hp and a torque of 273 lb-ft. It has an automatic transmitted engine car with a Dynamic select driving mode.

2019 Mercedes C-Class Release Date and Price

The 2019 Mercedes C-Class is expected to grace the roads in 2018 during the spring. You will be expected to part with cash between $40,000 and $ 52,000 to own this car.

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