2019 Jaguar XQ New Technology Driven Car

Tuesday, March 28th 2017. | Jaguar

After XF and the F type, it is clear that Jaguar has gone back to trench mode. The 2019 Jaguar XQ comes with luxurious features that best suit the people who are looking for a new technology driven car. Its inside and out will have several innovations with either two or three engines. Here are the best features of the 2019 Jaguar XQ that makes it unique from its competitors.

2019 Jaguar XQ Interior and Exterior

There is a high probability that the Jaguar XQ will be built on aluminum platform due to the company’s dedication to reduce the weight which will ultimately lead to the reduction in fuel consumption. The car will have a more modern look with LED whiskers and slinky lamps. The cabin will have a capacity of five passengers which will allow it to have giant wheels and slim windows. The interior of this car will be lined using the finest materials with the greatest technologies that are available in the class.

2019 Jaguar XQ Engine

The 2019 Jaguar hood will most likely have two versions of engine. The basic one will be the turbocharged 2L Inline-4 engine that will have 240 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque. This engine will be able to achieve a speed of up to 130mph due to its acceleration of 0-62mph done in 7, 2 seconds. Its fuel consumption will be 23 mpg for city drive while the one for the highway drive will be 33 mpg. The supercharged 3L V6 engine is stronger with 330 hp and 305 lb-ft torque. With this engine this car will have an acceleration of 0-62 mph done in 5, 1 seconds and it will have the ability to achieve the highest speed of 155 mph. The fuel consumption of this engine will be 18 mpg for city drive and 21 mpg for highway. There is a possibility that this car will have a third engine with a total output of 400 hp to 450 lb-ft of torque. All engines will be coupled to an automatic transmission that will have nine speeds. The rear-wheel drive will have standard settings that will be able to drive all the four wheels.

2019 Jaguar XQ Release Date and Price

It is said that the Jaguar XQ is expected to arrive on the market in summer, 2019. The price speculation ranges from $55,500 to $60,000 for a base model although its real price is not yet known. From the above luxurious and sporty features, it is quite clear that the 2019 Jaguar XQ is a car that is quite different from its predecessors and indeed one that is worth waiting for.

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