2019 Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe With Twin-Turbo 3.3 liter V6 To Sport Trim

Tuesday, March 28th 2017. | Hyundai

A new generation of the 2019 Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe is currently underway, and we were lucky to get some few spy shots of the car. Apparently, the automaker is using the modified version of its current Genesis Coupe to convey the design and concept of the new Genesis Coupe. It is widely believed that the Genesis Coupe will be placed closer to its up market sedan counterpart. Thus, contrary to the opinion of some few individuals, it won’t be positioned closer to the affordable, sporty two-door that current model enjoys.

2019 Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe Interior and Exterior

According to the information at hand, the interior section of the new Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe features the automotive technologies that are widely known to be delivered by the car manufacturer. The car’s cabin will encompass a more sophisticated and brilliant styling. The Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe stepped up things a little further, and now offers the same basic level of equipment as that of a mid-range BMW. There are a number of things that have been revised upwards. The upgrades include the introduction of electric seats (that boast heating and ventilation), satellite navigation, impressive infotainment system as well as top notch leather upholstery that makes it exceptional on the contemporary market.

Reports indicate that there will be a significant improvement compared to the previous generation. It will have sharper and more sophisticated lines than the previous model, which makes the 2019 Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe look like a premium model. Although the automaker has not officially released its specs, we expect a larger design. The purported larger design will allegedly accommodate up to four adults in comfort, and looks rather appealing in the process.

2019 Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe Engine

Under its hood, the 2019 Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe will comprise a twin turbo charged 3.3 liter V6 engine. This engine will have the capacity to execute a maximum of 480 horsepower to Sport Trim. Reports doing round also indicate that the car will carry over the current 3.8-liter V6, in addition to an improved four cylinder 2.0 liter unit. The 2019 Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe will weigh far less than its predecessors.

2019 Hyundai Genesis G80 Coupe Price and Release Date

Since the new auto offers a premium trim, its price will have to reflect it. Apparently, the older model had its price in the region of $38,000, though most people paid less since it was one sale left to open the door for a newer model. Reports confirm that the 2019 Genesis G80 Coupe will cost a bit more than $38,000. Consequently, its starting price will be just over $41,000. This is much better than the price of its rivals. If the reports from our informer and that of the Korean Car Blog will be accurate, then the new genesis will sport a decent out-put engine option. It will hit the market late next year, and will be fully ready for the road by 2019. Let us wait and see as more details unfold.

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