2018 Mercedes E Class Review

Tuesday, February 21st 2017. | Mercedes Benz

New Mercedes Benz E Class styling powerful appearance2018 Mercedes Benz E Class is the new sedan product that becomes popular in automobile industry. The company prepares this car with some engine variant that will give the better quality. Besides that, the styling of this car has also different with the previous model. The different sense of the powerful and appearance will be gotten in the 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class.

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class Styling

The styling appearance is one of the interesting things to captivate of many people. The interior and exterior design of 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class is the information which has been waited by car lovers. This car will have taillights and the big headlights that are completed by LED strips daytime running light. Then, for the interior side will get the redesign of the dashboard, the entertainment systems inside, and the better material for the cabin. This car will present the nice aluminum, leather, and even wood for the standard.

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class Specs of Engine

We talk about the engine specification and performance which is used by the new Mercedes Benz E Class series. Nevertheless, there are some rumors from this new car series such as the part of engine will be improved in different way. Based on the outstanding news, a number of people said that this car would get some engine variant. First, the 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class will use 2.0 liter of turbocharged petrol engine that can produce 240 to 270 horsepower. Second, this car will use 3.0 liter V6 engine that can produce 350 horsepower. Third, this new car series will use 4.0 liter V8 twin turbo engine. Those engine systems will be paired with 9-speed gearbox for making the high performance of this car in speed. Besides that, by using one of the engine system, this car will be able to go with the rear wheel drive system or all wheel drive system.

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class Release Date and Price

2017 Mercedes Benz E Class has accurate information of the release date. The new Mercedes Benz E Class series will be launched and sold in the market in late 2017 and will be extended to early 2018. For the price tag, it has no a decision definitely. However, based on the outstanding news, the price of the new Mercedes E Class series probably started $37.000. It cannot be predictable. The company hopes that this new series will increase the demands in the global auto market.

2018 Mercedes Benz E Class Image Gallery

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